Occupational Safety E-Learning Development

Self-paced Learning

Occupational, heat-related illnesses pose a risk to employees across various industries and work settings. By ensuring supervisors are well-trained and by implementing a comprehensive heat-illness prevention plan, companies can significantly mitigate these risks. This Articulate Storyline e-Learning module empowers safety managers to develop and deliver effective heat-illness prevention strategies to supervisors.

While not customized for a specific client, this course draws from my successful track record in designing professional, safety-oriented e-Learning materials. In addition, the course exemplifies my proficiency in creating polished corporate e-Learning content centered around specific compliance-related skills. I took full ownership of every aspect of the project, from conceptualization to execution. This included not only the core content development but also the creation of a bespoke color palette and Articulate Storyline 360 template.



Here are a few key highlights of the course’s look and feel, instructional strategy and custom interaction. 

Occupational Safety E-Learning Development

Look and Feel

This slide provides a glimpse of the custom corporate e-Learning template I developed. The template features a classic, professional design tailored for a corporate audience, maintaining a cohesive corporate style throughout.

Occupational Safety E-Learning Development

Instructional Strategy

This animated video, designed for a corporate audience, uses a real-life case study to engage viewers and generate interest in the course content. Produced in Vyond, the video employs techniques like zooming, background music, and text-to-speech narration to enhance engagement.
Storyline 360 Custom Drag and Drop Quiz Question Interaction

Custom Interaction

Fill-in-the-blank exercises serve as a useful method for assessing comprehension of key facts. Thus, I employed this approach to aid the audience in recalling the essential components of the heat-illness plan. As Articulate Storyline lacks built-in fill-in-the-blank exercises, I developed a custom interaction using a drag-and-drop model.