Safety Animated Video Development
Work Process

Educational Video Creation

Utilizing animated videos can prove highly effective in enhancing engagement and capturing the interest of your learners. This short, animated video visually engages learners, while presenting the bloodborne pathogens content in digestible chunks for learners to easily understand. It is placed at the start of the module to grab the learner’s attention and get them ready for the new information they will learn.


Development Process

My process for developing an educational video usually consists of six key steps:

  1. Drafting the storyboard and script based on the training content.
  2. Selecting, hiring and supervising the voice-over actor, if the client wants professional talent in lieu of text-to-speech.
  3. Editing the narration recording, if necessary.
  4. Crafting the animation frames in Vyond.
  5. Editing and integrating the narration into Vyond.
  6. Publishing the video in the appropriate format (e.g., mp4 file) and uploading it to the the client’s LMS or handing it off to the client. 

Additionally, a detailed script specifies the voice-over artist’s requirements (age, gender, job description, target market, style, etc.), aiding in conveying the project’s vision. The PowerPoint storyboard outlines each video frame, including timing, panning effects, visual and audio elements, guiding the production process.

Animated Video Script